20 Jan 2019

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The music for the ballet “Venancio” was written by Eugen Doga in 1989 by order of Culture Ministry of the USSR onto a libretto by the journalist and writer Lev Novikov. Prior to that, Eugene Doga studied the unique folklore of Latin America for several years, which was born from the mixing of different cultures. He visited Nicaragua, Argentina, Honduras and Brazil with a pencil, tape recorder and video camera. He got acquainted with the rhythms and melodies, incredible variety of styles, the romantic spirit of the songs and dances of this part of the world. 

A lively folk art of Latin America became the source of inspiration for Eugen Doga. This is the way how the music of the ballet “Venancio” appeared.

Concert performance.
The Royal hall «ATENEU ROMAN». Bucharest, 2007.
Romanian Philharmonic orchestra them. George Enescu, 
conducted by Joseph Ion Pruner.

* The official website of composer Eugen Doga



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