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Eugen Doga

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He was born and grew up in a Moldavian village in a tough historical time.

He graduated twice from the conservatory in Chisinau – specializing in cello and composition, and also took a course of symphonic conducting. He began working in movies in the Moldova film, and he worked there so hard that there was a running joke that the studio should be renamed into Moldova Doga film.

Movies directed by Emil Lotyanu at Mosfilm, for which Eugen Doga wrote the music became extremely famous. They include “Lautary” (13.8 million viewers), “Queen of the Gypsies” (64.9 million viewers and more than 30 international awards), “A Hunting Accident” (26 million viewers), and “Anna Pavlova”. He also wrote music for the animated film “Maria Mirabela” and the movie “Dormitory Offered for Singles” (23.2 million viewers). Juries of various film festivals often noted the contributions of the composer – his “rare, poetic music, and its complete integration with a narrative.”

He wrote music for movies of different genres: comedies, historical movies, documentaries, drama. He was more drawn to deep romantic films. Altogether he wrote music for more than 200 movies.  

He wrote music for such movies as “Lautary”, “Queen of the Gypsies”, “A Hunting Accident”, “Anna Pavlova”, “Maria Mirabela”, “Dormitory Offered for Singles” and others. The waltz written for the movie “A Hunting Accident “, became widely known and was performed at the opening of two Olympic Games – in 1980 and 2014. Altogether he wrote music scores for more than 200 movies. 

The song “My white city” became the official anthem of the Moldovan capital of Chisinau.

The song “I dreamed the sound of rain” was written thanks to the cosmonaut V. Sevastyanov and became the favorite song of cosmonauts.

He had a non-stop active concert and social life, created in Chisinau the Music salon “Eugen Doga”, which goal was to unite people through art and communication.

He received the following awards: People's Artist of the USSR, a laureate of the State Prize of the USSR, Commendatore “Stars of Romania”, the Order “For Merit to the Fatherland”, the Order “Danaker”, among others. Academician of several academies. About his 8 books were written and 5 movies made.

Two waltzes by Eugen Doga are included in the top 200 best classical works of all time.

In honor of Eugen Doga a minor planet was named – №10504 Doga.