23 апр 2019

April 22 marks the birthday of Veronica Micle

April 22 marks the birthday of Veronica Micle, the poetess and the beloved of the Romanian literary genius Mihai Eminescu. Eugen Doga composed over 40 works to her poems which became part of the music series “Dialogues of Love” about the two poets’ love story. 

"I think that these two great personalities in the history of Romanian culture were made for each other. I think that many works would not have been created if these two had not met. Veronica was a brilliant poet ... Stunning poems, so much love, so much warmth, so much hatred, devotion, passion, so much feeling. Nobody in literature has that. These two poets' work was interconnected. For example, "The Tale of the Forest", we find this in Eminescu's, but also in Veronica's work. Their feelings were, in fact, manifested through dialogue," said in an interview maestro Eugen Doga.



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