07 Feb 2020

Eugen Doga - concerts

Throughout his career, Eugen Doga has been actively touring with concerts. He has conducted hundreds of concerts in the Soviet Union, Russia, Moldova, and Romania, concerts and creative gatherings in Paris, Montreal, Vienna, Brussels, performances in Poland, the Czech Republic, Bulgaria, China, Nicaragua, Cuba, Thailand, Romania, Serbia, Switzerland, Portugal, Argentina, and Canada, etc. His concerts have always gathered huge audiences in the largest halls of Moscow, Kishinev, Leningrad, Bucharest and other cities.

"In my life, my concert activity occupies an important place. Why is this important to me? I constantly narrow down my program to try and achieve a concentration of the most interesting works. These concerts give me an opportunity to play music that is not played elsewhere. For example, I write a lot of music for movies. It doesn’t sometimes sound in a movie at all, and sometimes it is in the background, but thanks to concert performances I am able to revive it and sometimes discover anew. In concerts, first of all, I test out my newly written music: is it good enough? After all, what is most surprising - every time, even for myself, it sounds different in different contexts, in front of different audiences. This is the best test for a composer. It is like holding an exam. It is like drawing a line under an experiment, personal experiences that have been acquired by you alone. After all, when you are in the process of writing – you don’t know what you wrote! You do not know until the audience with their applause will let you know – it was good or bad. A concert is both a confirmation in the eyes of your loyal followers and a conquest of new ones,"- says Eugen Doga.



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