20 Jan 2014

Eugen Doga comes with a premiere for this summer start

The premiere of the music performance title "Dialogues of love " will be held on June 15 nearby the capital. The TV spectators of Moldova 1 TV channel are the first to find out about this event from the author of this complex music creation - composer academician Eugen Doga.

Eugen Doga has composed over the years many remarkable creations based on Mihai Eminescu s poetry. In 1996, the composer was gifted the book "Dor nemângâiat" by Veronica Micle.  4 years ago, he read again the love poems of Mihai Eminescu.  Eugen Doga was inspired by the great love of these 2 people, and tried to create a music performance based on their love story.

"I don t know if the performance is ready, I still work on it.  After I started this work with Veronica Micle, I composed 40 songs which had already been performed in some concerts", said the composer.The master said that he is among the first to compose music on the poetry of Veronica Micle. Though he has been working on “Dialogues of live” for almost 4 years, Eugen Doga  said that he is sad. " I requested an agreement, a financial support is welcome, as I can t work just with inspiration ",he said.

As for the  2014 plans, the composer said that will stay a longer period in Chisinau. He wants to organize 2 concerts, one concert with his folk music and another one with Russian music which is less known in our country.

Eugen Doga will be at the Public Broadcaster “Teleradio-Moldova “ today, January 9 where will record a new creation "The prayer" with the choral chapel  "Moldova" conducted by Valentin Budilevschi.

More details you will find out at Mesager.



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