31 Jul 2018

The film My Sweet and Tender Beast and the legendary waltz turn 40. 31.07.2018

On July 31, 1978 filmMy Sweet and Tender Beast was presented to the public for the first time at the International Film Festival in Cannes as part of the main competition program.

The dramatic story about love and jealousy, passion and delusion,is based on Anton Chekhov's The Shooting Party.

Loteanu describes the relationship between these four characters of the story as follows: "What isThe Shooting Party? It's like four express trains that collide at full speed and derail."And the waltz was immediately loved throughout the country, and lateracquired world fame.

“Of course, I was not indifferent to this and simply pleased: I will never forget the huge line at the music store on the Garden Ring, where vinyl records with My Sweet and Tender Beast soundtrack, that had just been released by Melodia, were being sold,” recalled the composer.

Since then, this waltz has been played everywhere: in school classrooms and kindergartens, at concerts and performances, in music stores, at sporting events, at celebrations and balls; newlyweds often choose it for their first wedding dance. It sounded at the opening of two Olympic Games (Moscow-1980 and Sochi-2014) and at the presentation of the 2018 FIFA World Cup at the UN headquarters in New York. It is called the most famous ‘film waltz’ in the world and it has been included in various compilations of top music compositions of all time.



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