22 Apr 2018

April 22 marks the birthday of Veronica Micle

April 22 marks the birthday of Veronica Micle, the poetess and the beloved of the Romanian literary genius Mihai Eminescu. Eugen Doga composed over 40 works to her poems which became part of the music series “Dialogues of Love” about the two poets’ love story. 

Before meeting Mihai Eminescu she had already been familiar with his poetry and had written about it in verse: “I knew only your name, better if I hadn’t known you. And wished to see you just once. To dedicate my life to you and make you my idol.”

She fell in love with him; they dedicated poems to each other. “Who knows if Eminescu would have been the same as we know him today without this vixen that ruined his life but who, actually, goaded him to create. It is hard to find any place in Eminescu’s work that is not in some way touched by the image of Veronica Micle,” says Eugen Doga.



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