26 Aug 2017

A celebration of Eugen Doga’s birthday took place at the Kremlin Palace.

Eugen Doga is one of those composers who are equally well-known and loved by colleagues as well as the public.

Maestro gathered together the appreciators of his work in Moscow, where he has become fully accomplished as a composer.

Famous Russian performers along with Moldova natives expressed their respect and gratefulness to the Maestro for the unique opportunity to come in contact with his healing music and to witness the legend.

His melodies are in the hearts of millions of people. His music still sounds at wedding ceremonies and his waltz is danced to at High School graduations. His waltz from the film “My Sweet and Tender Beast” has become the artist’s trademark.

“The love theme fascinates me. Love of life, love of this wonderful nature,” says the Maestro.



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