24 Mar 2017

Eugen Doga celebrates the 80th anniversary since birth

This day started for Maestro Eugen Doga on March 1, 2017 at 12:25am at the Kishinev airport where he had arrived from Moscow. There, a surprise was awaiting him. Upon arrival, the composer was met with the sounds of his famous waltz from the film “My Sweet and Tender Beast” and greeted with flowers and congratulations by the Kishinev Mayor Dorin Kirtoake, the Director of the Department of Culture of Kishinev Lucia Kulev, the National Opera and Ballet Theater conductor Dumitru Kyrchumaru and the composer’s daughter, Viorica Doga. Dorin Kirtoake posted about it on his Facebook page: “Thank you for delighting us with your divine music. Undoubtedly, it is the best thing that will be recorded about usin the history of humankind.”

The waltz sounded many more times that day.

The celebration that had started so early continued at the Maestro’s house where in the early morning children from the Eugen Doga Music School came to greet him. The school is where he had started his music studies and had been given his name in 2007.

And at 12:00pm at the Moldova Parliament House a reception entitled “Eugen Doga’s 80th Spring” took place. The reception featured an exhibition of photographs, playbills and publications from Maestro’s personal archive as well as from the archive of the Academy of Science.

In his opening speech the Parliament Chairman Andrian Kandu said: “You are the best ambassador of the Republic of Moldova, of our people, because your music travelled the whole world long before the European Union agreement.”



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